When Woolloongabba was Wattle Scented

Saturday, March 26, 2011

When Woolloongabba was Wattle-scented.

Is a fantastic alliteration and was the name of a column published in The Brisbane Courier and penned under the non de plume Nut Quad. The earliest column I can find is 1915 and the latest is dated 1925. Nut Quad wrote other columns, his most prolific was titled "Early Courier Days", which were stories and recollections of events in and around Brisbane and Queensland dating back to its early settlement.

The great thing about Nut Quad's columns were letters they solicited to the editor from readers who were eager to share their recollections of events recalled buy Nut Quad and it was this interaction with readers that added an extra dimension to stories he recalled.When I first read the columns I was impressed by how detailed they were and written as a third person narrative but often the tense changed to the first person. It seemed to indicate that Nut Quad was aged in his sixties or seventies and his journalistic endeavours seemed to have occurred later in his life, which was quite remarkable for a man born in the mid 1800's who would have had a life expectancy of about 40 years of age, Nut Quad seemed to manage two lives in one.
The McWhirters Project have been busy researching and assembling a series on Nut Quad titled When Woolloongabba was Wattle-scented. We will showcase the writing of Nut Quad and rediscover his stories and his life in a way that the people of Brisbane and South East Queensland will find interesting and relevant today.

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