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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Public Apathy Towards Brisbane Flood Risk...1928 Cartoon!


Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman recently put the city on flood alert; but alas nothing eventuated and he was widely criticised for being an alarmist. Perhaps not. It's about time the City of  Brisbane was put on notice in regards to flood risk. It's been a long time between big floods and our current weather patterns are indicating the city will face a large flood event sooner than later. There still tends to be a general sense of apathy around town (besides, the dams will save us next time...right!). I stumbled upon this cartoon from The Brisbane Courier, Saturday May 5th, 1928. Seems attitudes towards Brisbane flood risk have not evolved over the years. I have unearthed some "lost" flood photos of Brisbane, will post them over the coming days...as long as it doesn't flood.


The cartoon reads:

Friendly Visitor:  I say old man. I suppose the recent flood rains made you feel anxious. I suppose you will now do something to protect yourself before a real flood comes along.

Mr  Tired Brisbane:  Oh, no. The danger is past now. What's the use of worrying, (Yawns.)


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