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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anzac Day in Brisbane.......from the John Oxley Library.

File:StateLibQld 1 119036 Australian Field Artillery Light Horse Battery, ca. 1907.jpg
Australian Field Artillery Light Horse Battery, ca. 1907.This photograph was taken on the present site of Anzac Square, Brisbane, top left is Central Railway station, the site had a long association with the military prior becoming Anzac Square as the site was home to the Adelaide Street Drill Sheds which can be seen in this image.

File:StateLibQld 1 110784 Anzac Day procession in Brisbane, 1919.jpg


File:StateLibQld 1 111852 Anzac Day procession in Ann Street, Brisbane, ca. 1934.jpg



File:StateLibQld 1 113996 Anzac Day procession in Queen Street, Brisbane, 1936.jpg


File:StateLibQld 1 113684 Wreath laying ceremony at Anzac Square, Brisbane, September 1944.jpg


File:StateLibQld 1 153527 Anzac Day march in Brisbane, ca. 1954.jpg


Images from the John Oxley Library,
State Library of Queensland.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Promiscuous Use Prohibited - Why Anzac Day Isn't Made In China!

Kops Brewers, Brisbane. Honour to the living. Immortal glory to the dead. 
Trademark rejected.

Ever notice the lack of Anzac, as opposed to Australia Day merchandise disgoroging itself from the supermarket shelves. Look high, look low, the only or pruduct sporting the name  Anzac will be on a packet of biscuits, all thanks to the Protection of Word 'Anzac’ Regulations were made in 1921 under the War Precautions Act Repeal Act 1920, the War Precautions Act being the original legislation that protects the word ‘Anzac’, and any word which alludes to it, from inappropriate use. The use of the name Anzac for a biscuit is one of the few very few exceptions that protect the commercial exploitation of the name Anzac .

Sydney Morning Herald, October 21st, 1916. "Promiscuous Use Prohibited".

When enacted in 1916, all manner of businesses, fruit shops, boarding houses and pubs, even theatre-troupes were forced by the new legislation to remove any reference from there business names and commercial operations. At the same time patents and trademarks in relation to the word Anzac were expunged and future applications would be rejected, no type of merchandise or product could bare the Anzac name or an  allude to it.

Business premises around the country were forced to remove all references to ANZAC.

The Act provides for the Minister, today it is the Minister for Vet Affairs. to grant permission for the use of the word Anzac and dispute the Act being quite clear in its purpose, this didn't stop all manner of persons applying to use the name but in nearly all instances they were denied. Even Australia's celebrity aviator had his request to name one of his aircraft Anzac for the Centenary Race from England to Australia. Smith had to settle for the name Lady of the Southern Cross and subsequently withdrew from the 1934 race due to a lack of preparation.

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith "... Government regrets that it is unable to see its way to accede to your request.

Similar legislation was enacted in the United Kingdom where all manner of businesses were identified as exploiting the Anzac name, one example being the ANZAC Motor Company Ltd who manufactured trucks in England that were built on a chassis imported from General Motors Corporation of U.S.A..

ANZAC Motor Co. Ltd. Made in England on a U.S.A. built chassis.

Thanks to the War Precautions Act of 1921, Anzac Day will be one public holiday where you will not be able to theme your car with a plastic novelty or lounge around in Anzac themed thongs and bikini tops. Next time you're at the supermarket make sure you buy a tin of Anzac biscuits as the Returned & Services League receives 4 per cent of the sales.

There is a complete album of material I fished from the National Archives of Australia posted on the McWhirters Project Facebook page. Look out for but try not takingf offence at    Anzac : The Board Game and The Anzac Gollywog Co., a double harbinger of inappropriateness.

To read more about the Australian Government legislation that protects the name Anzac, click here.


ANZAC Theme Covers from The Australian Women's Weekly 1934-1947.

The cover above was the very first of The Australian Women's Weekly with an ANZAC theme and was published in April 1934, at that time the magazine had only been established for 10 months. The "Tribute" reads:

Not only for the men who fell
Our bells are rung,
Not only for the valiant dead
Our anthems sung.
Theirs are the spirits living on
Deathless in pride,
Their names in gold on British rolls;
Our men who died.
Our tribute too for those who live
And battle yet
With all the aftermath of war
That none forget.
The fallen live eternally,
Their triumphs ring.
God help the heroes living still....Remembering. 

P. Duncan - Brown


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Real Queensland Crossword Puzzle from 1928.


1928 '[No heading].', The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), 6 December, p. 65, viewed 15 April, 2012, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page2396967

Wee Gumnut Babies Bib and Bub. Tales & Pictures. May Gibbs. 1926.


1925 'Bib and Bub.', Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1885 - 1954), 28 February, p. 8 Section: MAGAZINE SECTION, viewed 14 April, 2012, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article61574440

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ANZAC's Plight! Political Cartoons from The Worker, 1927-31.

Caption reads:  Following the ejectment from a house of a returned soldier in Rose street, Branswick, Victoria, for default in payment of rent, about 100 men entered the house and wrecked the interior. The house was owned by a bank.—"Brisbane Courier," April 25 (Anzac Day), 1931.

1927 'ANZAC DAY, 1927—AT THE MEMORIAL.', Worker(Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 4 May, p. 13.

1928 'ANZAC DAY REFLECTIONS.', Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 25 April, p. 7.


1928 'THE CELEBRATION OF ANZAC.', Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 2 May, p. 7, viewed 12 April, 2012, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71156248

1930 'ANZAC DAY.', Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 30 April, p. 1.


1931 '"THE IMPERISHABLE GLORY OF ANZAC".', Worker(Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 29 April, p. 1. 

1927 'THE MOCKERY.', Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 2 February, p. 1. 

1933 'ANZAC DAY: Past Glories, Present Realities.', Worker(Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), 3 May, p.1. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Queensland's Favourite Drinks! Anything, Krinkly,Ginger Beer!

Bundaberg Ginger Beer label
Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Redcliffe Horehound ale label : v3.6
The Redcliffe Aerated Water Company.

Wimmer's Anything softdrink label
Wimmers Anything. Artificially coloured and flavoured....with anything perhaps.

Dalby Spa Water label
Dalby Spa Water

Mansfields Brewed Non-Alcoholic Horehound ale label
Horehound Brew

Royal Reserve Port label
Castlemaine Perkins Royal Reserve Port

Label from a bottle of Krinkly Lime Flavour cordial
My Favourite, A product of the Orange Crush Company. Krinkly Lime Flavour.

These labels are from the State Library of Qld's  John Oxley Library Collection, you can view a full slideshow of Qld labels from boxes,jars and bottles here.

Vintage Crossword - The Telegraph Brisbane, 1938.

From: The Telegraph Brisbane, May, 1938.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Novelties. Brisbane Cash and Carry Advert, 1938.

From: The Telegraph, Brisbane. Tursday Evening, April 7, 1938. Page 14.
SLQ Microfilm Collection