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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keith Williams - Ski Show and Tourism King- A Photo Tribute!

The Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens opened in 1958 and was where Keth Williams (pictured above) debuted his ski show. The gardens hosted the Australian Water Ski Championships of 1959 and the ski shows featuring the glamorous"Aqua Belles" was hugely popular with sun-seeking holiday makers. The Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens became Sea World in the 1970's. I remember my first visit on a school excursion from Silkstone State Primary School in 1976, in those days, there was the Ski Show, the Dolphin Show a large aquarium tank exhibit and the replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour, no Polar bears, no resorts. I've made many visits over the years and while Sea World keeps growing I still have fond memories of  the dolphins performed shows in the same lagoon as the water ski  shows, though not simultaneously) Thanks for the holidays, thanks for the memories Keith.

Crowd at the Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens, 1958. This lagoon also became the venue for the dolphin shows that started in the early 1970's, the dolphins were relocated to their purpose built show-ring in the ealy 1980's.

The glamourous "Aquabelles".

The 'Pyramid'

Aerial view of The Spit, Southport, 1977.

Up, up and away. Flying thrills of the Ski Show

The Sea World Sea Show c. 1982

Trove Australia


  1. Great memories here.

    Williams was a pioneer of the Gold Coast and also Queensland tourism.

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