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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Faceless Men? Do they look like this? What About Faceless Women?

A faceless man!

With all this talk of faceless men I wondered what a faceless man would look like? Maybe like this? And why does no-one ever talk about faceless women. I have photo evidence of faceless women too.

Seriously folks, the term "faceless men" has become one of those now tiresome Australian political constructs and should now be retired, along with "Australian working families", "unAustralian" and "boatpeople".

A faceless woman!

Group shot! Faceless man and women.

These photographic images are from the National Archives of Australia. The faceless people are A.S.I.O. operatives whose identities were suppressed on National Security Grounds, the photographs were submitted as evidence to the Royal Commission into the Petrov Affair. The woman whose face is shown is 
Evdokia Petrova

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