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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Brief Photo History of the Plus-size Model.

I thought this was a mighty stylish looking etching and found it intriguing that the Plus-size apparel market seemed well developed in 1926.  I had a quick look in Wikipedia about the history of larger size apparel but the only historical reference I could find was for Plus-size models, claiming that the market developed in North America in the 1940's.
The photo below was published in 1932. The variety in the  bodily proportions of the models would seem to indicate  that Plus-size marketing and models have been with us for about 80 years.

Original caption reads:
Berlei foundation garments, demonstrated on living models, and providing the correct line for the new season's frocks, were part of the fashion parade yesterday at M'Whirter's. The parades will be continued daily up to Friday

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