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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Ford Automobiles, 8 Rare Photos. Early example of a Ute / Pick-up Truck!

A rare set of 8 photos of early Ford motor cars, the bodies of which were made for Qld conditions. The Station Utility car with removable back seat is one of the earliest examples of what we fondly know today as the ute, in the USA it would be a pick-up.
Left to right and top to bottom: Ford Touring Car, Ford Roadster, Post Office Mail Van, Station Utility Car, Leather Merchants Delivery Van, Grocers Delivery Van, Bakers Delivery Van, Butchers Delivery Van.

1916 'A FEW TYPES OR BODIES FITTED TO "FORD "CARS NOW RUNNING IN QUEENSLAND.', The Queenslander(Brisbane, Qld. : 1866-1939), 2 December, p. 27,viewed 19 January, 2011


  1. This pic is awesome! As a very HARD CORE Ford fan, i love this pic!" For all those car lovers out there, look closely. What you will see is something that carried through generations of vehicles made throughout the world. For in this pic, is not only one of the very first utes/pick-up, but also a sedan, a wagon, a two door coupe and a panel van. "The ute being an idea that came from Australia. Thank you Henry Ford!"

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