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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Under Brisbane City Hall...An Update!

For weeks I looked for a photo of the Corporation Yards without any luck until I scoured the Wikimedia files from the State Library of Queensland. Amongst 20,000 other images and tagged with with an inaccurate description I located the photograph below.

The large structure to the left, running parallel to Adelaide St., is the Bradley and Holland car dealership. On the Corporation Yard site there seems to be foundations of at least two buildings to the left and what looks like some well worn pathways that form a cross in the centre. There are at least seven individual buildings scattered along the back perimeter and the Anne St.side of the site and running along the rear is a large iron roofed building, this building may have been a military recruitment centre built in about 1912.

The photo below shows the foundations for Brisbane City Hall dated February 10, 1923. The buildings on the site, whilst ramshackle,  are not the original buildings from the corporation yards. The foundations on the Adelaide St. side show the deeper L shaped section that formed the building basement, the rest of the site has been filled and raised. These photos are taken from the same vantage point so it is easy to see the difference in height of the area that would lie directly under the Hall's auditorium today.

Is that the mystery of what's under Brisbane City Hall solved? The documentary evidence supported my theory and the photo adds further weight to the case. Are the old Corporation Yards buried under City Hall? There is no word from the heritage architects working on the find, let's wait and see. Happy Easter!

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