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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lost Flood Photos of Brisbane - "Where Did Our Bridge Go?"

"Where Did Our Bridge Go?" is an apt title for this photo of a Victoria Bridge half-missing during the Brisbane flood of 1893, and a group of formally attired onlookers.  All the images in this post are rather unique and while not "never seen before" they're more "haven't been seen for a long time" and are from the State Library of Queensland Wikimedia files, the library uploaded 14,000 images from their collection late last year and are fascinating, many of the images have been digitally recreated from the original glass-slide negatives.

The three battleships of the Queensland Navy washed into the botanic gardens, 1893. The Paluma (far right) was so stuck it took another flood to finally dislodge and float her.

The original caretaker's cottage in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens washed from it's foundations looking rather bent and twisted, the cottage nearly ended up washed down the river.

An incredibly flooded Breakfast Creek at Bowen Hills in 1931, the photograph would have been taken from the Royal Brisbane Hospital

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