When Woolloongabba was Wattle Scented

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brisbane City Maritime Wharves - Coloured Map Excerpts, 1920.

A Facebook follower posed the question "Where were the docks in Brisbane?", so we have obliged and snipped these images from a Gordon and Gotch map published in 1920. The image above shows the South Brisbane reach of the river. The wharves stretched from the Victoria Bridge to where the the Goodwill Bridge stands today. there was a small break where the dry dock is and the then continued as the Railway Wharves (used for coal handling) through to where the Captain Cook Bridge commences. The rail line that serviced the wharves travelled from Park road, down Ipswich Rd with a dog leg through the back of Woolloongabba and emerged at Stanley Street and through the Fiveways and into the Wolloongabba Busway; originally a railway yard, and on down to the wharves.

The above image shows the Town Reach, the wharves ran from where the Stamford Plaza Hotel stands today and continued around to the Howard Smith Wharves; the Eagle Street Wharves are now home to Riverside Centre and Riparian Plaza. My great grandfather Herbert Jones had a workshop at Circular Quay in behind Wharf #3 around the corner of Adelaide and Macrossan Streets. If you would like to explore this map further, follow the link from the citation.



  1. hello! - I have a strange question: was your great grandfather the Herbert A Jones, director of Gordon and Gotch in Brisbane in the early 1900s? I'm trying to track down a photo that belonged to him.
    thanks! - great article :)

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