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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grandpa Ipod! - Healing PartyGram, portable music device, 1954.

Not the portable music device you can put in your back pocket. As a child in the seventies, I recall playing with one of these, back in the days when kids didn't have their own electronic devices to play with, just the e-waste of adults. 

Take a few friends, an album of favourite records, one Healing Party-gram. That's the recipe for happy times.

A quaint piece of gender bias with the use of the word 'recipe', you can just imagine the Mad Men brainstorming sessions that came up with this one. The body text of the advertisement reads,

Put on your own records or tune in  station for pops, dance or classical music according 3 speed turntable plays microgroove or standard records and the Healing 5-valve circuit rebroadcast programmes with "tone that belongs to Golden Voice alone". Soon friends will be asking you to bring your"PartyGram" to "their place". That's why we have designed and leatherette-covered "Party-Gram" for real portability."PartyGram", the principal ingredient of all home parties, costs only 54 guineas.

1954 'Advertising.', The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), 18 August, p. 80

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